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Cardano Blockchain Plans to Adopt Polkadot’s Substrate Framework

By William 2 Min Read

Cardano, the Layer 1 blockchain established by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, intends to incorporate elements from Polkadot, a competing Layer 1 chain also created by an Ethereum co-founder, Gavin Wood.

NFT Sales Volume Surges to $129M in November: Data

NFT sales volumes reached 68,342 ETH in the week ending Nov. 6, as reported by blockchain analytics firm Nansen. According

By William 2 Min Read

Arbitrum DAO approves proposal to activate token staking

The Arbitrum decentralized autonomous organization has given its approval to a governance proposal. This proposal will allow ARB token holders

2 Min Read
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XRP Soars by 10% with Multiple Institutions Embracing Ripple’s Services

XRP has surged in the last 24 hours, establishing itself as the

3 Min Read
Global AI Software Market Soars: Forecast Predicts $251 Billion by 2027

The International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts explosive growth in the global AI

3 Min Read
DZ Bank, Germany’s Third-Largest Bank, Launches Blockchain-Based Platform for Corporate Cryptocurrency Investments

Germany's third-largest bank, DZ Bank, has made a significant move in the

1 Min Read
FTX Unstaked 3.96M SOL and Transferred 750K SOL: Community Anticipates Bearish Season

Lookonchain, a market analytics platform, reported that FTX unstaked 3.96 million SOL

2 Min Read
ChatGPT Introduces An Innovative Feature That Empowers Subscribers To Create Their Personalized GPT Models.

The ‘GPTs’ feature potentially reduces the need for paid subscribers to enter

2 Min Read
Bitcoin’s Post-FTX Era: What Comes Next?

Sam Bankman-Fried has been found guilty on all seven counts of fraud,

4 Min Read
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Ripple’s XRP On The Verge Of Ultimate Price Explosion To $1 As Whale Accumulation Skyrockets

XRP has emerged as the top-performing cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours, leaving Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) behind. Notably, the price of XRP experienced an impressive 8.5% spike on

By William 3 Min Read
OpenSea CEO Announces Job Cuts, Says NFT Marketplace Building New Foundation for Faster Innovation
2 Min Read

OpenSea's CEO, Devin Finzer, has revealed plans for job reductions as the NFT marketplace undergoes a significant transformation. In a

Chainlink’s Strong Recovery Sparks Hope for $15 Price Point
3 Min Read

Chainlink (LINK) has experienced a significant price surge in the past week, defying the usual downward pressure exerted by increasing

UK Government Publishes Regulatory Framework for Crypto Assets and Stablecoins to Prevent FTX 2.0
4 Min Read

Following the collapse of Terra Luna and FTX last year, UK policymakers have committed to implementing a new regulatory framework

$15.9M ETH Withdrawal by Whale from Binance Amidst Price Rally
2 Min Read

Following its gradual ascent toward the $1900 price range, ether has drawn the interest of several investors, with whale activities

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